Picture of Colin

Coach Colin Woodmansee


As an eternal student, Coach Colin never stops learning and applies the latest and most effective training methods to help his clients build muscle, lose fat, and gain confidence. With a background in Kinesiology and several certifications as a strength coach, he advises individuals to understand why they are performing specific exercises and how they will help them meet their fitness goals. Outside the TFW dojo, you’ll find Coach Colin with his wife Caroline and their children at the beach or poolside.

Picture of Steven

Steven Montesinos, LMHC


Steven is a licensed mental health counselor, psychotherapist, and college instructor who has experience working with individuals of varying backgrounds. His education is in the fields of Psychology and Counseling Psychology. He works at a college counseling center and operates his own counseling practice, Montesinos Counseling Services. He has been a mental health provider and educator for over the past decade and loves helping people learn more about themselves and the world around them. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, pursuing fitness goals, kayaking and enjoying time with his family.

Picture of Jeff

Pastor Jeff St. Clair


Jeff is the pastor of Longleaf Church in St. John’s, Florida. He is an Ordained Elder in the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Jeff accepted the call to ministry in his second year of teaching school. He then continued his studies at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity. Jeff was named a Lewis Fellow at Wesley Theological Seminary. Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, as well as kayaking, coaching and playing softball, and exercising at TFW with Coach Colin and Steven.

About this Podcast

Lift Pray Feel is a podcast aimed at exploring the relationship between physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness in effort to inspire, support, and encourage you on your journey through life.

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